Wrestling To Get Back Into School Mode

I wrote another version of my original article, September, and it landed at Crosswalk today under their homeschool section! The link is below.


I am polishing a story for The Writer’s Digest 2011 short story contest this weekend. Six categories. Probably thousands of entries per category.

I am entering a shortened, and reworked, version of my young adult novel in the young adult category. A little fun. A little creepy. The story, not the entry process. Well, maybe the entry process. We shall see what happens.

Worst case scenario? I get a lot of material for my blog on self-esteem and rejection!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have read your story and IT ROCKS, Lori. Go forth and win. And, should one of the other gazillion entries beat yours to the finish line, call me.

    I have TONS of experience dealing with rejection. Rejections are a trophy (of sorts) for serious, professional writers. I offer up RWA PRO designation as an example. In order to qualify, I had to provide proof that a novel length manuscript was REJECTED by recognized agents/editors. Aah! The world of a writer. You’re only a PRO if you’ve taken some hits.

    And, should you make it to the NYT list without a rejection? My advice is to call the feds, relocate, change your name, and go into the writer protection program.

    CONGRATS on being published in CROSSWALK. Enjoy your weekend and leave that laptop at home.

  2. Think you so much for this post/ article. As I shared it on my Facebook I commented you must be my long lost twin sister! :) Our family lives in Minnesota and for me leaving summer for the cold is another factor, why o too have a love hate relationship with fall. I do find it comical that you too love shopping for new school supplies, Target profits a bundle from me alone! Thank you for your insight from scripture and to know our Lord is using and guiding us with change. We need not have guilt.

    • Katie,
      I spent most of my life in Wisconsin, so I know what you mean about the cold. Now, I feel the opposite way about Texas. We all dread the spring and summer when it can get over 100 degrees for days and days and days…

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