Ever Feel Unloved? Underappreciated? Devalued?

Life is hard. The picture to the right? One of my bad weeks.

My friend Jenni says, “Life is messy.”

I agree. There are many days I trudge through to Monday, my only goal to reach Friday. Sane.

Sound familiar?

Other times, fatigue sneaks up to bite me in the backside in the middle of seven loads of laundry, the first on the list of jobs for the day. Dishes wait in the sink, bathrooms scream to be cleaned, and sheets beg to be changed. Then there’s my personal favorite–dinner. But oops, forgot that trip to the grocery store that was supposed to have happened two days ago. Why don’t I buy four gallons of milk at a pop instead of two?

A lot to accomplish. No pats on the back. They should put that disclaimer in the Welcome to Marriage and So, You’re A Parent brochures.

I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t often turn to me and say, “Gosh, Mom, you’re so great. Thanks for cleaning up my vomit last night. Here, you forgot this pillowcase when you washed my sheets, twelve of my most special Webkinz, and all eight of my blankets.”

My husband doesn’t come home from work and marvel, “Wow! Honey, you washed my underwear and socks! Even the ones stuffed under the bed. And all my shirts are hung up in order of color–the top button done just the way I like. Gee, you’re super awesome!”

My dogs don’t love me as much when their food bowl sits empty and the cats like to trek to my room to deposit their hairballs, and then swish down the hall to love on someone else.

Most people don’t care that I’ve slaved almost a year on my novel. I do get a lot of helpful comments though. “Is that all you ever talk about?” and “You still writing that thing?” or “I could write a book. How hard could it be?” or my comment of choice–“When are you going to be a real writer–you know, besides all those articles? When are you going to get your book published?”

Maybe a visual will help. 

Ever have one of those days? One of those weeks when no one notices how hard you’re laboring to make sure their lives work? That happens to me. I bet it happens to you, too.

But then come the high moments. When someone smiles at me or pays for my Starbucks in the drive-thru line. Times I look at my kids and wonder what I will ever do without their hugs when they grow up and find their own way.  Nights my husband wraps his arms around me in the dark and pulls me close. And when someone comes along and says, “I like you! I like what you’re doing!” That’s an amazing feeling.

I want to thank you,  Jenny Keller Ford, for giving me the Liebster Blog Award! For validating what I do and reading and commenting on my posts so faithfully. I love your blog, too!

You can read her post HERE.

And now I get to award five other bloggers!

Mary Demuth for being a huge encouragement to writers!

                                                          Anne Mateer for being an encourager to me!

Brinda Berry for making me so much smarter!

DiAne Gates for not being afraid to say what needs to be said.

Gloria Richard for making me laugh so hard , I pee my pants at least once a week!

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Bask in the love you have received–at least for this one day!



  1. I love reading your blog and I can so totally relate to the being under-appreciated. I think there should be at least 2 minutes of fanfare, confetti dropping from the ceiling, and tons of “Aww, Mom/Wife, thank you for everything you did for me today. We love you so much! You rock!” And then there would be a parade of hugs and kisses and us moms and wives would bask in the glory.

    Tis a nice dream. :)

  2. Lori, you make me laugh when you describe your days. I sit here wondering if today is another ROCKING in the pink fuzzies day. I snorted coffee when I read “deposit their hairballs then swish down the hall to love on someone else.”

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Liebster Blog award! I shall attempt to remain worthy of the award you so kindly bestowed upon me and my humble glob. Forsooth. [Sorry. “Forsooth” automatically adds itself after I’ve typed a formal-type sentence.]

    In case you haven’t already visited, please pop over to my current post. It divulges a major epiphany in my writing life. I want to give you time to digest the news before we chat. Besides, I love comments. I’m needy that way. 😉

  3. Thanks, Lori! You’ve been a huge encourager to me, too! :)

  4. Aw shucks,Lori. Thanks. In some circles saying what needs to be said is called pesky, prickly or preachy. I read Gloria’s blog and imagine being able to be clever, cool and colorful with my words. Prob’ly not in this lifetime for me.

    Then I read your blog and am impressed with the ability God has given you with your “whole brained” approach to everything and your ability and enthusiasm to teach others what you have learned. Sigh. It’s a gift and one that we all benefit from. Thanks again.

    Then there’s Mary and D’Ann. My heroes. Maybe one day I’ll see my name on a book cover too. (Crissy and Chun are going to visit a publisher this week. Here’s hoping they find a home!) I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your words in books, in blogs, at conferences and in small groups. Am in the middle of D’Ann’s book “Wings of a Dream” and highly recommend it.

    This is what life’s about – relationships – casual, deep and everything in between. Thank you all for contributing to my life.


  5. I am indeed blessed to have found such great online friends like you. Thank you SO MUCH!

  6. “…all eight of my blankets.”

    Lol, your house, too?

    Thanks for the post. I could totally relate!

  7. Nice post! Keep up the informative work!

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