What’s So Great About a Critique Group? Part One.

What’s So Great About a Critique Group?

Part One in The Critique Group Series

Only writers understand writers. Having someone who gets you in this crazy profession is a huge blessing.

Do you talk to your characters? Write notes on the tile in the shower with erasable marker? Get up in the middle of the night to transcribe a conversation your characters are having without you?

See what I mean?

The Literati. My Critique Group.

Critique groups can be amazing resources if you find the right people. Everyone in the group brings a different life experience and a unique perspective to their edits. Someone may be a great grammatical editor, while someone else may find content errors, and still someone else may be an expert on a topic you are trying to research. There are vast differences in the way men and women view life and tell a story. Having a mixed gender group can help when you are writing from the point of view of the opposite gender.

It’s easier to find the mistakes others make. No matter how much experience you have, it’s hard to see your own errors. We don’t read our own work with objective eyes. Our eyes fill in the typos or missing words automatically. I know what I meant to say. But sometimes I don’t always get what’s in my head onto the page.

You learn when you edit. When you take the time and effort to edit for others you learn how to be a tighter, stronger writer yourself. You may not spot the error in your own manuscript, but when you discover it in your editing partner’s manuscript, you realize you need to go back and correct your own work.

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  1. Critique groups can be wonderful. Like you said, a lot of different experiences come together and strengthen the whole. I encourage everyone with this. I belong to one and they’ve improved my writing tremendously.

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