Five letters.

So much meaning.

The words I say, good and bad, have such a profound and sometimes long-lasting impact. Watch someone’s face drop when you are rushed, short, or cruel. Compare it to the times you are attentive, patient, and kind.

Let’s embrace each other, encourage each other, surround each other in love, and build each other up rather than tear each other down.

“They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim cruel words like deadly arrows” (Psalm 64:3).

Lord, Today will you help me remember to think before I speak? Will you put the words in my mouth that others are longing to hear? Will you bless me by allowing me to be You with skin on? I want to be a blessing not a weapon.



  1. Wonderful reminder and prayer. It’s so easy to say the wrong thing.

  2. Lori – what a great reminder. I doubt too many of us intend to inflict injury, but it does happen. Why is, “please forgive me” so seldom heard or said?

    We should forgive as Jesus forgives.

    Thank you!

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