Take a Spin Down Intercession Avenue and Change the Life of a Child


I’m about to embark on an ADVENTURE


Will you join me?

For the next few weeks, I’m partnering with Prayer Freedom Ministries in their  21-day prayer and fasting campaign against child slavery and trafficking.

They BELIEVE in the power of INTERCESSION.

So do I.

Which is why I will also be reaching out to God to work in the lives of MY CHILDREN.

Will you walk this road with me and take a moment each day to lift up children everywhere who are being used and exploited? 

Will you also prayer for your child, your grandchild, or a child you know?

The issue of child slavery shook my world. I look at my own children and I worry if they are happy, or rested, or have enough healthy friendships in their lives. I don’t often think about them being safe and fed and loved, because those aren’t issues we face.

If I can trust God to move an impossible mountain in this huge issue of child slavery, then surely I can trust him with my smaller foothills.

My first prayer will post on Monday along with the link to Prayer Freedom’s devotional.

If you have a child struggling with any issue, I hope this 21-day journey will bless you. There is incredible and amazing power behind praying scripture over our children.

Here’s how it works.

Prayer Freedom will post a new devotional every day on their website regarding the issue of child slavery. I will also post the link here. You can read about Prayer Freedom’s ministry in the guest post Joy Brooks had on my blog called Defining Moments.

Here is the blurb from their website:

In modern society, Christians are faced with one of the worst human rights issues in the world—slavery. Not Forgotten, a 21-day prayer journey, helps Christians become aware of human trafficking and brings Biblical perspective and faith building prayers that can change the world and bring justice to nations.

Privileged to be a part of Christian Authors Against Slavery, I have contributed a devotional along with twenty other authors.  For all of you Tweeters, the hash tag for this campaign is #pray2endslavery.

Hope to see you back here tomorrow.






  1. I’ll be back. I live in the Caribbean where slavery is the foundation of all cultures. The scars, even so many years later, are all too evident. To think that this horrendous practice goes on today, in our ‘modern’ times, is a sadness of our society in general.

  2. “The prayer of the rightious, availeth much” I’ll be involved in this 21 day prayer journey. God is still on His Throne, and is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. There are many scars in need of healing. This too shall pass. Blessings.

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