Prayer Moves Mountains: Day One

21 Days of Prayer: Day One

For the next twenty-one days, you’ll find a link to Prayer Freedom’s website and a prayer and scripture here dedicated to one of my children. I will give you a quick set-up of the issue I’m covering for that child the first time I post their prayer. After that, the blogs will be short. A scripture and a plea for intercession. For a deeper explanation of this campaign, go to Take A Spin Down Intercession Avenue.

Side-note: I am thrilled to be a guest over on Lori Hatcher’s blog today. Thank you, Lori!

Prayer Freedom’s  devotional today is written by TL Grover from TraffickStop. She has worked for years in the fight against human trafficking in the United States. Recently she started a new prayer initiative to see an end to human trafficking on I-10. One of the major routes for trafficking and transport within the United States. The link is HERE.


My prayer

My first prayer goes out for my oldest, Kyle, who went away to college this fall. You can read about that here in Things Change.

Kyle got accepted into a nursing program in Tulsa. He wants to work with pediatric oncology patients. Because he was a pediatric oncology patient.

Eight years ago, right before Kyle’s eleventh birthday, leukemia knocked on our door. You can read about our Parking Lot Prayer if you missed that story here or on Lori Hatcher’s blog. See above.

Over the years, numerous people have asked me if I could, would I ask for a do-over of those years we battled for Kyle’s life?

My answer? I don’t think so. Because if cancer hadn’t rocked his world, he wouldn’t be at ORU now serving the God who walked by His side.

Kyle achieved full remission, but something happened in his brain post-chemo and radiation that showed up as an inability to perform well on written exams.

Most of Kyle’s grades in his college classes will be based on exams. This is going to become a problem. Especially when it comes time to take his nursing exam.

I am trusting God to heal my son of the leftovers from the disease that spent four years shaping who he is today.


Jeremiah 29:11.

“For I know the plans I have for you,”

declares the Lord, 

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future.

Dear Kyle.

Prayer moves mountains.

God says so, and I choose to believe Him.

I will believe in the power of intercession in your life at this time for this purpose. I will believe in the power of God working deep inside you, not only in your heart, but in your mind. I will believe in the life verse I chose for you when you faced your hardest challenge eight years ago.

God put you where You are and He won’t turn His back and leave you there alone.


Lord, take my smaller-than-mustard seed faith and grow it into a mountain so huge I can’t even imagine. I can’t change anything inside Kyle’s body or his mind. But You created him. You live in him. And You love him. Let your wholeness spill all over him and give Him what’s he’s missing. Protect him from the side-effects of cancer. Heal him of whatever is standing in the way of perfect focus and concentration and make this a non-issue for the rest of his life. I believe You want the best for Kyle and I ask you today to be the Great Physician. Thank you.

If you know someone this campaign would bless, please share this post. And I’d love to read your comments. Do you have a child in your life that you’ve committed to pray for over the next 21 days? Let me pray with you. 


  1. Dear Mum

    I like your prayer for your son. May God answer your prayers and made the pieces that are remaining in your sons health for him to be healed completely. I agree Jesus Christ is the great physician no one else. God gave all authority to him. As for me i have an Asthmatic child who has been sick since 1 year old. She is now ten years but God is steal healing her. I also believe there is power in prayer. Because i know God listens to our prayers even when i feel is like he has left us. I believe he is always with us.
    So please you can also join me in praying for my daughter stacy. God bless you and may he show your son compassion. thanks

    • Lori Freeland |

      I am praying for Stacy now! I will pray that God will show you exactly what He wants for her and exactly how to pray. Thanks for sharing this with me and for your comment :)

  2. I am a teacher and I have committed to pray daily for the students with special needs in my school. We have seen great things happen to many of these special- needs children in the last few months but there is one autistic boy named Dane who is slowly progressing. You have given me fitting words to say in my prayer; you have put the exact words in my mouth by saying: “Heal him of whatever is standing in the way of perfect focus and concentration and make this a non-issue for the rest of his life.” Thank you for your heart. May the Almighty God bless you and all of your children!

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