Choose Who You Call Upon: Day Eighteen

Isaiah 55:6

“Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.”

Dear Maddy,

As you grow up, all sorts of people will filter in and out of your life. Friends, boyfriends, classmates, teachers, mentors, and plenty more. So choose now who you will call in times of trouble. After wasting so much time running here and there looking for advice and counsel, I learned the hard way to go to the Lord first.

Can you trust Him and put your faith and your heart in His hands no matter what? Let’s see.

Will God listen to you every time you come before His throne? Check. Is He perfect and righteous and holy, night and day? Year after year? Check. Does He continually have your best interests in mind? Check. Does He see things you don’t? Check. Will He make the right choice for you every single time? Check.

Looks to me like you can’t go wrong by calling on the Lord in times of blessing and times of trouble. Remember that song, Blessed Be Your Name? 

Trust what God tells you. Trust the path He puts before you. Trust that He knows what’s best for you.


Dear Lord, I just love that you have Maddy’s heart in the palm of your hand. What that does to my heart is priceless. When I go to sleep at night and put her in Your hands, a warmth fills my chest, that make me feel more connected to her through You.

I pray Maddy will always choose You first. That she would run to seek You now while she is young and that as she spends time with You, she will be strengthened and Your voice will grow clearer and clearer, drowning out every other voice. Amen.


  1. Lori, I look forward to you inspiring post. They are a blessing, and are also very encouraging. My Lord is the one I turn to for all I do and/or plan. He directs my steps, and should the enemy cause me to stumble, God is there to lift me up. Blessings.

  2. I LOVE reading your letters to your kids. This is an important lesson, and the sooner we learn it, the better. :-)

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