When Great News Feels…Heavy: Writing Tips Tuesday

Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Fatigued?

Are you ready to throw your WIP (work in progress) in the air and watch the white paper flutter down 52-card-pick-up style? Because someone liked your pages?


Did I just say because someone liked your pages? Or your story? Or your voice? Or how you’ve been spending your time for the last few years?

I did.

Shouldn’t you be happy dancing from Hawaii to Alaska?

Well, yes. And no.

Sometimes good news can make you feel…heavy.

Weird, huh? I think so too.

I wish the happy dancing could be endless. But after the party ends, the work starts. Polishing, perfecting, and maybe working harder than you ever have before. There’s always another hoop to jump through. And that’s challenging. Good and exciting, but still challenging.

Life is a series of rolling ups and downs. But that’s okay. Otherwise the highs wouldn’t be so high.

My fix for the heavy?

Smile. Take a few days off. Enjoy a few passes under the limbo bar. Learn the Merengue or the Tango.  Then get back to serious and keep your body limber for the next happy dance. Or the next one hundred hoops.


Do you have good news to share? Writing or otherwise? Let me in on your success and leave a comment. Let’s celebrate together.



  1. um yes. after about 2 1/2yrs, i may have a stronger dose of my meds (for under-active thyroid) coming to me. and i may have the chance of living a somewhat normal life again :)

  2. if you can make one.
    then how?

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