Be Professional in Everything You Write. Always.

Writing Tip of the Year:

Be professional in everything you write. Always.

Every morning before I start writing, I check my email and surf author blogs, Facebook posts, Tweets, and other social media. This practice has led to a huge pet peeve–professionalism in writing.

People judge you based on how you write. I don’t care if you’re blogging, tweeting, IMing, emailing, Facebooking, whatever. When other professionals read your words, and they know you are an author or an aspiring author, they judge you based on your command of the English language.

It’s true. They do.

And if you can’t use capital letters, punctuation, and decent sentences, why would they read your book?

Your words build an image of who you are, especially to someone who’s never met you. Think about that image.

Would you rather promote her?

Or him?

Don’t be lazy. Be your best. All the time. Whether you’re promoting yourself or someone else.

I know. It’s harsh. I’m mean. But you don’t know when an agent or editor or another author might stumble on something you wrote in terms of wanting to help you. Have you put your best face out there? Will they paint an accurate picture of who you are and what potential you hold? Help them do that.

Be professional in everything you write. Always.



  1. You know what gets me in trouble? My phone. I type on this thing and sometimes it changes a word into something else that I didn’t type … And it’s hard to proofread on this small screen

  2. Love the photo. Pulled me in. Of course, I’m a sucker for a goofy cut snapping a cut back.

  3. I so agree, Lori! Anything and everything I write should support my authenticity first as a Christian and second as a writer.

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