The One Thing Required for Success





Some days, success feels unreachable.

Like the tunnel’s so long, forget the light that’s supposed to be waiting, there isn’t even another side.

I can sit and ponder that dark tunnel that leads to my future, debate why some people realize their dreams while others aren’t even close, or I can do something about reaching my own goals. Something active.

Planning, wondering, discussing, reading–none of those things will take me where I want to go.

So, what’s the one thing that will?

Hard Work.

Sitting down every day in front of my laptop with a vision. Even when that vision blurs or grows murky. Things don’t happen without momentum. My job? To get the proverbial ball rolling–even if I have to roll that boulder uphill.

Today, I encourage you to step forward and do something that pushes you closer to your goal.

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  1. I am in front of my computer everyday, unless something really weird is going on. But I can’t always say I’m sitting down with a vision.

    And I agree, that would be an important ingredient. :-)

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This is a great and needed post, Lori. We must continue to put one foot ahead of the other as we keep the faith. Keep moving forward. My prayer is that someone is blessed by your wise words. These words may even help someone who is on the verge of depression.


    • I think hard work and moving forward can be applied in aspect of our lives. Parenting, marriage, jobs. All of it.

  3. So very true. Some folks might have some good luck, but the hard work is what takes you to permanent success.

  4. Hard work, and lots of prayer. Asking God to be in every word, every idea. May we continue to hear His voice. Blessings, Jan

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