How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

waitPlease, God, open up a decent spot. Tapping the steering wheel, I circled the local Walmart for the twelfth time, the need to hurry cramping my stomach. Couldn’t leave Kyle alone too long. What if something happened to him while I was gone?

I muttered the prayer a few more times, took a few more laps, but the only spot God opened in the rain-drenched, puddled parking lot was so far past left field that if the asphalt had been built for baseball the remote corner would never see a player.

Wishing I’d made a better choice in footwear, I glanced at my sandaled feet and parked. The wind blew the trees in front of my windshield so hard there was no chance I wouldn’t be soaked in cold rain the second I stepped from the shelter of the car. Tears filled my eyes. “God, seriously? You couldn’t even find me one stupid spot today of all days?”

I wanted to go home. But Kyle wanted donuts, the bakery had already closed, and since donuts were the one food my nineteen-year-old son kept down during this phase of chemo, that’s what he was getting. With or without God’s divine intervention. READ THE REST ON CROSSWALK.COM…


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  1. Phyllis Holderness |

    Love this! I find your writing to be very honest and inspirational.

  2. lorraine cook |

    Lori, how is Kyle doing? I found your blog when I was googling inspirational prayer to help my dad. I read your honest and refreshing writing. Wow! I’ve known suffering…. and with all the ‘perfectly wrapped with a pretty bow’ picture people like to portray their lives as on Facebook, I thought to myself, now here is someone worthy of utmost respect. Thank you for opening up your heart. God bless you and all your family.

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