How to Find God’s Purpose in Your Disappointment

crossA few days after my college-age son relapsed with childhood cancer, I was cooking his favorite dinner and the realization that we were about to go into our second three-year battle for his life slammed me particularly hard. Alek, my middles son, walked into the kitchen, and I asked him to pray for his brother and our family.

My then sixteen-year-old’s reply? “Sure, Mom. I’ll do it for you. But I’m not really riding the God train right now.”

“Not riding the God train?” I stopped chopping vegetables and looked up at him.


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  1. The hardest part is to continue giving without regard.
    Without regard to unrighteous reciprocation. Especially to people closest to you. Especially when the christian pundits tell you a recipe that is supposed to reciprocate an ideal response. All the Christian how to books and blogs in the world , all the how to make and keep a happy home cannot achieve every desire for a ideal reciprocation. God gave Eve everything and she still second guessed God and Adam followed. Jesus gave it all and man second guessed Jesus. Narrow is the way and few will reciprocate and find it. Most of the people reading this will not let go of their fantasy that life is Jesus plus something.

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