12 Days of Christmas: Writing Tips Day 1

Welcome to 12 Days of Christmas Writing Tips.

The real Twelve Days of Christmas begin December 25th and end January 5th. But I’m all for a little early joy.

So for the next twelve days, look for a new writing tip every morning. Unlike my Monday Writing Minutes (click link for that page), I’m posting explanations and examples in addition to the images.

writing tips day one

A few of us write for ourselves. Most of us write for other people. As storytellers, we want to create a mood. Set a tone. Even mold a new world.

But sometimes we’re so caught up in the excitement of sharing the magic in our head, we forget a reader can only experience what we’ve actually put on the page.

Writing a compelling story requires mastering the craft. But when do you use writing rules and when do you ditch them?

The backbone behind every rule comes down to a simple secret—clarity. The key to holding a reader’s attention comes down to using that clarity to provoke emotion. Whether you’re sharing articles, blogs, how-to’s, or the story unwinding itself in your head, if you write blurry the reader won’t connect and your message will get lost in translation.

 Remember: Clarity Provokes Emotion.

So…if you break a rule, go a different direction, or try something new, make sure it works. Make sure you haven’t sacrificed clarity. Make sure your reader understands exactly what you’re trying to do and they see your vision the way you do.

Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are blessed with family, fun, and friendship.



When all twelve days have been posted, you can find them here–12 Days of Christmas: Writing Tips.

For more tips, see Monday Writing Minute.


  1. You are always so very clever. I love reading your posts. You give us a bit of everything about you, so it keeps me interested as I look forward to the next blog.

    Happy Holidays!
    Merry Christmas!

    God Bless You and Your Family, too!

  2. Yes – clarity is something I need to pay attention to. I write in circles, I think.

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