12 Days of Christmas: Writing Tips Day 2

day 2


WRITE TIGHT: Cut words or phrases you don’t need. You’d be surprised at how much you can shorten your word count just by looking for redundancies and extra words.

Examples of Redundancies:

  • Nod your head. (Nod) You can only nod your head, no other body parts.
  • He was ten years old. (He was ten.)
  • He didn’t want to talk about his past history. (He didn’t want to talk about his past.)
  • The smile on her face triggered a smile on mine. (Her smile triggered mine.) Your smile is always on your face. 

**Also, watch out for accidentally saying the same thing twice or saying the same thing two different ways.

Example: The wind chilled him. Because he was cold, he zipped up his jacket against the bite of the breeze.

Tighter: He zipped his jacket against the chilly breeze.

**Use repetition on purpose when you want to add emotion.

Example: Cade doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t even block her hand when she slaps him hard across the face.



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  1. You are SO good at this, Lori. Your ideas help so many people. I need to take your wise advice ensuring I don’t make these mistakes in my writing. It can be boring, I know. Plus, it reveals a lack of writing skill.

  2. Dondi Markham |

    This was so good! I literally laughed out loud when I read the comment about nodding–I’d never thought of it that way! (He stared deep into her eyes and nodded his elbow in agreement.) Ha, ha!

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