12 Days of Christmas: Writing Tips Day 3

Day 3

Sometimes as we’re writing, we tend to get…well…writerly. We use words on the page people don’t use in “real life” and give our characters dialogue no one would really say. Instead of trying to be fancy and winding your way through too-long paragraphs, say what you mean. Stay simple.

Example: Roger traversed the forest, weaving in and out of trees, setting his feet upon the ground in gregarious steps until the clearing appeared.

Better: Roger weaved through the great oaks until he reached the clearing.

Example: “I’ll come round and fetch you in my Hummer at six o’clock on the dot.”

Better: “I’ll pick you up at six.”



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  1. Great examples, Lori. I think our readers will appreciate us ‘keeping it real’ so I’m really appreciating these great blogs.

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