I’ve Written a Book. What Now?

book-launch-mentor-logo-med-e1469121758586Are you a writer? Do you have a book ready to go? Want some great advice? Author Mary DeMuth has some. Start with a good editor.

“All writers need an editor,” she says. “ALL. I would not be where I am today without tremendous editors who helped me see things I could never see. We’re all so close to our writing that we need another set of eyes. Of course you could ask a friend or a spouse to read your work, but that second set of eyes actually needs some expertise. Plus, friends and family love to tell you how awesome you are, and that is not helpful when you’re trying to refine a piece. Even now, before I send off a book to my publisher, I have two editor friends look it over before it heads to more editing.”

She’s put together an awesome list that I’m honored to be on–Great Editors: A List.

For more helping launching your book, check out her new site Book Launch Mentor, where she offers writing intensives and helpful blog posts.

mary demuth*Mary DeMuth is a former church planter in France and the author of more than thirty books. A sought-after international speaker, she has overcome (through Jesus’s healing) a difficult past to become an authentic example of what it means to live a brand new story. She lives in Texas with her family.

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3 Words That Can Change Your Marriage

marriageYou may be thinking there’s no way so few words can even touch on such a huge topic. My husband disagrees. When I texted him for his three words, he replied he only needed two: Yes, Dear.

Maybe it’s not the amount of words you’re worried about. Maybe you’re wondering if words alone can really change anything.

Think about your relationships with your parents, children, spouse, or friends. The people you’re close to often, with what they say, carry the power to hurt or heal. To make you hate them or love them. To make you feel good or bad about where you stand in their lives. READ THE REST ON CROSSWALK.COM…

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How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

waitPlease, God, open up a decent spot. Tapping the steering wheel, I circled the local Walmart for the twelfth time, the need to hurry cramping my stomach. Couldn’t leave Kyle alone too long. What if something happened to him while I was gone?

I muttered the prayer a few more times, took a few more laps, but the only spot God opened in the rain-drenched, puddled parking lot was so far past left field that if the asphalt had been built for baseball the remote corner would never see a player.

Wishing I’d made a better choice in footwear, I glanced at my sandaled feet and parked. The wind blew the trees in front of my windshield so hard there was no chance I wouldn’t be soaked in cold rain the second I stepped from the shelter of the car. Tears filled my eyes. “God, seriously? You couldn’t even find me one stupid spot today of all days?”

I wanted to go home. But Kyle wanted donuts, the bakery had already closed, and since donuts were the one food my nineteen-year-old son kept down during this phase of chemo, that’s what he was getting. With or without God’s divine intervention. READ THE REST ON CROSSWALK.COM…


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