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Critique Groups Part One and Two

(from Monday Writing Minute)

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Do You Really Need Back-up?

Why Critique?

Join a critique group.

But go a step further–encourage each other to learn. Read books, attend seminars, and learn. Bring all that wonderful information back to your group. Ideal size? I’ve heard the “magic triangle of three.” We have seven, which gets a bit long, but we each bring something different to the group. Wouldn’t give up any of them!

Be an encourager for newer, younger writers.

When you teach, you learn! Plus, you never know when you might need a mentor. Someone is always the newer, younger writer.

Don’t give up!

This is not an overnight career. Unfortunately. Hard work and many hours do add up to something. Keep pushing yourself to be better. And don’t quit. Quitting is the only time we fail.

Keep a “happy folder” in your email.

Save all the positive responses you get. On a down day, click the file open and be encouraged!