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anxiety15 Surprising Ways to Find Relief from Anxiety

Rush hour slows all four northbound lanes of highway traffic to twenty miles an hour…fifteen… ten…and holds at a five-mile-an-hour crawl. I’m boxed in by cars, SUVs, and a few semis. No off ramp in site. No way to cross to the shoulder. Not two minutes later, even the crawl ceases. READ MORE


waitHow to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

Please, God, open up a decent spot. Tapping the steering wheel, I circled the local Walmart for the twelfth time, the need to hurry cramping my stomach. Couldn’t leave Kyle alone too long. What if something happened to him while I was gone? READ MORE


goals20 Goals Every Christian Should Set

 Whether we’re talking about our personal lives, spiritual lives, relationships, our character, or our future, we need to ask ourselves what kind of people we want to be. Having goals can center us, keep our eyes on Christ, and encourage us to grow. Without goals, we have no reason to press on, and we can flounder, feel lost, or lose track of our purpose. READ MORE

20150102_115911You Don’t Know What You Have…

This morning, I hopped out of bed, raced to the bathroom, and stood under the hot shower for fifteen minutes.

I know what you’re thinking. Big deal. I do that every morning. You’re so not jealous of my quarter-hour shower.

But maybe you should be.

A few months ago, that same morning routine went something like this:

I rolled over to face the wheelchair parked next to my bed, my broken ankle waking with me, the throb timing itself to match the staccato pulse blaring from the alarm. READ THE REST. 


WORD_ART_happy-mothers-dayMom in the Making

What makes a mother? Too many things to mention. And we all have our own definitions. Our own ideas. And our own memories. Or we might have a void where those memories should’ve been. But whether we can claim the usual definition of “mom” in our life or not, I bet we all have someone who filled at least parts of that role for us. It might be our father, grandmother, friend, teacher, or even a mentor. Being a mother isn’t always about biology. Being a mother is about being there. MORE…

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