7 Ways to Survive Sending Your Child Off to College


Saying Goodbye Freshman Year

If you hang around church long enough, you’ll hear people say children are a blessing from the Lord.

The Lord agrees. “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth” (Psalm 127:3-4 NIV).

While I don’t disagree, the term blessing doesn’t quite cover the emotional wreckage that comes with being a parent. Raising children might be the most difficult, heart-wrenching, joyful, and rewarding journey I’ll ever take.

When my kids were small and needy, I fantasized about sleeping past sunrise and taking long showers. As they got a little older, I wished for quiet, unmessy meals. Fast forward another few years and my daydreams veered more toward visions of not constantly tripping over scattered clutter and shoes.  READ THE REST AT CROSSWALK.COM.

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Panic Party

downloadStress. Overload. Anxiety. Fear. Panic.

I bet you have personal experience with at least one of these, if not several.

I do.

I’ve been battling panic attacks for years. They started when my dad walked out just after I turned nineteen, continued with my oldest son’s diagnosis of leukemia at ten, and escalated with his relapse at nineteen. Which we’re still dealing with today.

Depending on where you are in your relationship with God, how you were raised, and how you define your faith, you’ll be having a few thoughts about my struggle with stress and yours.

But this blog isn’t about judgment or criticism about either of our faith walks. It’s about honesty, transparency, and truth…READ THE REST ON CROSSWALK.COM.

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