Writing Coach/Editing

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A writing coach is a mentor. Someone who encourages and teaches. Understanding the why’s behind the rules can strengthen and tighten writing skills. I believe the backbone behind every writing rule is clarity. As a writer, you have a message to get across. Your job is to make that message as clear as possible. My job is to help you do that.


Editors do a little of everything. Sometimes they ghostwrite. Other times they spot developmental problems in the story arc, with the characters, and the flow. And they correct grammar and punctuation. Think less teaching, more fixing.

I believe everyone has a story to tell and a unique way in which to tell it.

Do you write short stories, novellas, or novels? Or maybe you’re more into blogs, articles, memoirs, or how-to’s? Are you looking for help organizing your ideas or are you interested in learning writing craft?

I’d love to come alongside you whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, have just begun your writing journey, walked the path a while, need a coach, or just another set of eyes.

My current rate for coaching and/or editing runs $30 an hour. Because projects vary and everyone is at a different skill level, I offer the first two double-spaced pages fully edited with teaching comments for free. That way I can give you an idea of the cost of your total project.

CONTACT ME: lori@lorifreeland.com


For a list of where I’ll be teaching writing workshops this year, see http://www.lorifreeland.com/workshops/