Strong Enough

strongA year into my son’s aggressive chemo regimen, he started to look less like a college boy and more like a nursing home candidate. His hips didn’t work right. His knees didn’t work right. His feet didn’t work right. He was falling apart faster than a hundred-year-old man.

After he fell three times in a week, his physical therapist suggested better shoes. Really good shoes. The kind that require an actual fitting and a store that doesn’t start with “Wal” and end with “Mart.”

We drove to the closest specialty shoe store, hoping new shoes would be an easy fix for yet another debilitating side-effect of constant chemo…READ THE REST ON CROSSWALK.COM.



  1. Lori,

    Each and every time I read one of your blogs about Kyle (strength, courage, and the like), I learn something more about myself.

    Thank you so much – God Bless you and Kyle!

  2. Lori, this is beautiful and terrible all at the same time. So deep, meaningful, and causes us all to reflect and try to understand. I’m so sorry for all you and your family are going through. The Lord brought me in a dream the other night to a place where Kyle was, and we cried together in prayer for his healing. Just want you to know God is leading others around you and hates this infinitely as you do.

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