5 Ways to Know You’re a Good Spouse

ZFsYJxdU (1)We get married for all kinds of reasons. Love. Security. Children. Fear. Loneliness.

We might take that walk down the aisle as early as high school graduation or as late as in the fall or winter seasons of our lives.

Maybe we chose our high school sweetheart, our best friend, a coworker, someone we met in Sunday School, or even a person from our past who becomes our future.

Some us had great examples of solid marriages to look to in our own parents and mentors. Others of us saw what we didn’t want to become and vowed to do marriage differently. But no matter why, when, or with whom we take the plunge, most of us are nowhere close to understanding what it really means to tie that lifetime knot. READ THE REST ON CROSSWALK.COM.


  1. Julie Daniel |

    Hi Lori, your article encourages me to be a better spouse, friend, parent and so on. Even though it is about being a good spouse, it reaches a reader across the many relationships we have with others and is so inspiring to be more diligent to focus on how we can be more thoughtful and caring and loving to people in our lives. I thank you for sharing with us your own personal experiences and being transparent with your readers. You are Blessed to be a blessing. Keep up the good work. Would like to treat you out to lunch when I visit my brother in Dallas. God bless you n yours ~

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