When the World Expects More Than You Can Give

picThe sun is up. The house is still. The clock ticks off the morning until it’s closer to lunchtime than to breakfast.

I’m in bed, covers over my head, curled around my body pillow, my cat asleep against me.

Not because I stayed up too late the night before or because it’s my one morning to sleep in or because I haven’t had a do-nothing day in weeks. I had one yesterday, the day before, and the day before that. My month has been packed solid with do-nothing days.

I should be doing laundry, cleaning my bathroom, making a much needed grocery run, checking my daughter’s homework, calling about a prescription for my son, editing a client’s chapters, and starting my new book—or at least returning my writing partner’s frustrated texts.



see also: Twelve Tips When You’re Drowning, Black Hole Moments, Life is Messy and if you’d like to read about our journey as a family with my son’s cancer, see The Surviving the Storm Series.


  1. Really glad you expressed this. It helps all of us understand. God bless you and yours with great peace and rest. Love to you today.

  2. You’ve captured what many have felt but couldn’t understand or verbalize. Thank you for sharing its okay to feel this way for now. Circumstances changes our normality and that’s okay too. We trust God for this journey called life. More difficult for some than for others. We’ll make it but not unchanged somehow.

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